Location Guide

Find the Perfect Location

Idaho has so many amazing hidden gems. Use this guide to find the perfect location for you and the others joining you.

Please be responsible, safe, and leave no trace!

Stanley, Idaho

Nestled in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountain Range, Stanley is one of my FAVORITE picturesque locations to shoot at. At only a 2 hour, 45 minute drive from Boise and 2 hour drive from Twin Falls, this location is perfect for a mountain getaway. While Red Fish Lake is the most iconic destination near Stanley, I prefer Stanley Lake because of the privacy and intimacy although both locations, along with areas surrounding Stanley, can't be beat. This area is accessible best during late spring/early summer until the snow fall late fall/early winter.

Amazing location for family, couples, and elopements. Safe location for children.

Drone available for this location.

Travel fee required and starts at $350.

South Hills, Idaho

Looking for an amazing location that can be accessed year-around? This area has the most epic fall colors in a 3 hour radius along with amazing snow and summer options. Located south of Hansen, this is your PERFECT location for a short drive to the mountains. Although the hills are less defined than the Sawtooth Mountains, the rich pine trees and rolling hills are nothing short of beautiful. The drive to the top will take you through diverse scenery of towering rock formations, epic road shots, and grasses/sagebrush that then transform into a beautiful and lush mountain scene. Located 1 hour from Twin Falls and 2 hours, 45 minutes from Boise this location is home to Magic Mountain Ski Resort and Ross Falls (a short 5 minute hike).

Perfect location for families, couples, elopements. Safe location for children.

Drone available for this location.

Travel fee required and starts at $100.

Sun Valley and Wood River Valley

This area is grouped together to include: Hailey, Ketchum, and north of SunValley up to Galena Summit. This is also another beautiful fall and summer location that provides a diverse scenery ranging from brightly colored aspens, rivers, mountains, pine trees, a beautiful downtown, and sagebrush that glistens when the sun hits it just right.

Great location for families, couples, and elopements. Select locations are not recommended for children.

Drone available in select locations.

Travel fee required and starts at $100.

Bruneau Sand Dunes

Located 1 hour and 30 minutes from Twin Falls and 1 hour from Boise, this magical sandy location adds the most picturesque element to any session.

The simplicity of this location makes a fun and entertaining trip for the kiddos during a family session, or a romantic time for a couple. I always suggest to go barefoot and enjoy the warm sand between your toes. I recommend shooting at this location when the weather is not too cold- as the wind can pickup significantly, or too hot- as the sand can burn your feet.

Great for families, couples, seniors, and elopements. Perfect for children.

Drone not available for this location.

$150 State Park permit fee required with minimum 30 days booking notice.

$50 convenience fee for booking the State Park permit. (Optional)

Travel fee is $100.

Black Magic Canyon

Located north of Shoshone, this location is a secret nestled away and one of Idaho's COOLEST locations. This sleek black rock makes for super unique yet dramatic and beautiful photos. A short hike across the baron and dry creek bed will lead you to an empty canyon full of adventures. This location is only available when the canal water is not flowing and is optimal end of October through February, snow pending.

Fun location for small families with older children, couples, seniors, and elopements.

Not suitable for every session as there are rocky paths, tight squeezes, and slippery surfaces.

Travel fee is $50.

Ritter Island

Located near Wendell, this location is home to a beautiful waterfall and crystal clear water that remains at a brisk 54 degrees year-around. The waterfall creates a stunning location that is beautiful for couples, maternity, or senior sessions.

Best for couples or individual shots.

Travel fee is $30.

Little City of Rocks

Located between Gooding and Fairfield, and 1 hour from Twin Falls, this location showcases towering rock formations that leave you in awe! The road leading to the entrance becomes very muddy and hard to access without a 4-wheel drive vehicle so this location is best during the summer months. Upon arriving to the entrance, there is a short hike to some of the most epic formations so plan to bring water and a pair of good shoes to walk in with.

Fun location for small families with older children, couples, seniors, and elopements.

Travel fee is $75.

Camas Prairie

Located in Fairfield, this blooming field is at it's peak mid-July and makes for a stunning and picturesque location. The camas lilies sit on top of Centennial Marsh so naturally it is very wet and full of mosquitos, so bring your bug spray and plan for wet feet. Not only does this area offer the beautiful camas lilies, but is home to summer wildflowers just a short drive away.

Fun location for families, couples, seniors, and elopements.

The camas lilies are very fragile, please note that this location must be left without a trace.

Travel fee is $75

Llama Farm

Located in Buhl on a private farm, this hands-on experience is one of a lifetime and of my favorite locations to shoot at! These beautiful llamas are mellow and so sweet for clients of all ages. Customized flower llama sashes may be available upon request.

Perfect for families, couples, children, seniors, and individual shots. For the best experience, this location is reccomended during late spring until fall.

Llama farm fee is $50.

Travel fee is $25.

Whimsical Treasure House

Located in Jerome off of Golf Course Road, this beautiful home has a diverse and unique experience that you won't forget. Not only does the Parker family grow the most beautiful flowers, but are well-known for their unique heirloom pumpkin stand that they put together in October. This location is recommended for late summer/fall and is by appointment only.

Perfect local location for those in the Magic Valley looking for family, senior, couple, and individual shoots.

Whimsical Treasure location fee is $50.

No additional travel fee.

Centennial Park

Park Location: Located in the heart of the Snake River Canyon of Twin Falls, this location is one that is underrated for fall. Although sessions can be taken during spring and summer months here, I truly prefer the unique beauty during the cooler seasons. Centennial park presents the most beautiful fall colors that extend to the banks for the Snake River. Centennial park location is fantastic for families of all sizes, couples, children, and portraits.

No additional travel fee.

Ice Location: Located on the steep road heading down to Centennial you will find towering frozen waterfalls that are absolutely stunning. This location must be chosen with caution as it sits next to the busy road and can be dangerous with falling ice cycles and slippery ice. Recommended for seniors, couples, and possibly elopements.

No additional travel fee.

Kayak/Paddle Board to Pillar Falls: Up for an adventure? Let's kayak or paddle board upriver about 40 minutes to Pillar Falls for an unforgettable experience. This shoot will include images on the way (on the Snake River) to Pillar Falls along with a session while exploring the stunning beauty that Pillar Falls has to offer. Bring your swimming suite and jump in along the way or on the way back! Perfect session for couples, seniors, or elopements.

Added adventure fee of $100.

Don't own a kayak? Rent from AWOL.

Dierkies Lake

Located just outside Twin Falls and up the hill from Shoshone Falls, this is my FAVORITE local location for families! This safer option has lots of diversity depending on family size, age, and accessibility. We can keep it safe or hike to the top for an elopement! This location offers beautiful glowing sagebrush at sunset, water, and a canyon lookout!

Not accessible during frozen months.

During peak seasons, a fee is required to enter the park.

Fantastic for families of all sizes, couples, children, elopements, and portraits.

No additional travel fee.

Shoshone Falls

Also located just outside of Twin Falls, Shoshone Falls is known as the Niagra of the West!

The falls aren't always flowing at their peak, but you can catch them at their best during summer months depending on the drought season. You can access the Falls from many directions but some require more of a walk/hike than others. Also combined within this location you can find beautiful greenery that gives a photo session a really cool "tropical vibe."

Please note that the lookout option (located above the falls) CAN be safe for children with a close eye. Recommended that a "helper" tags along to watch the kiddos around any lookout points.

Not accessible during frozen months.

Fun and iconic location for families of all sizes, couples, children, elopements, and portraits.

During peak seasons, a fee is required to enter the park.

No additional travel fee.

Canyon Rim

This widely dispersed location has many epic locations and lookouts in the Magic Valley.

Interested in the canyon rim? Message me and let's find something just perfect for you and your party!

Not recommended for small children.

Accessible year-around.

Great location for families, couples, portraits, and elopements.

Travel fee depends on canyon rim location.

Pine Trees

Located in Jerome, this little slice of heaven gives an easy location option for those who love the rich greens of the pine trees. This location is my favorite for those wanting the "mountain feel" but aren't interested in traveling to the mountains. My favorite part about this location is that it is SO safe for families and just perfect for those holiday images.

Accessible year-around.

Fantastic for families of all sizes, couples, children, elopements, and portraits.

No travel fee required.

Auger Falls

Looking for a little adventure within Twin Falls? This beautiful location is accessible by foot, or my favorite, BIKING! Be prepared for a mile (or so) hike/bike ride. Bring a backpack with your clothes, some touch-up makeup, and those you love most!

This location along the Snake River is stunning and will provide forever memories.

Perfect for elopements, adventurous couples, seniors, and families with older children.

Added adventure fee of $100.

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